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From Mindaugas Žakšauskas <>
Subject Query parsing VS marshalling/unmarshalling
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 14:24:21 GMT

I maintain a distributed system which Solr is part of. The data which
is kept is Solr is "permissioned" and permissions are currently
implemented by taking the original user query, adding certain bits to
it which would make it return less data in the search results. Now I
am at the point where I need to go over this functionality and try to
improve it.

Changing this to send two separate queries (q=...&fq=...) would be the
first logical thing to do, however I was thinking of an extra
improvement. Instead of generating filter query, converting it into a
String, sending over the HTTP just to parse it by Solr again - would
it not be better to take generated Lucene fq query, serialize it using
Java serialization, convert it to, say, Base64 and then send and
deserialize it on the Solr end? Has anyone tried doing any performance
comparisons on this topic?

I am particularly concerned about this because in extreme cases my
filter queries can be very large (1000s of characters long) and we
already had to do tweaks as the size of GET requests would exceed
default limits. And yes, we could move to POST but I would like to
minimize both the amount of data that is sent over and the time taken
to parse large queries.

Thanks in advance.


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