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From Amit Nithian <>
Subject Re: How to improve this solr query?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 07:28:30 GMT
Couple questions:
1) Why are you explicitly telling solr to sort by score desc,
shouldn't it do that for you? Could this be a source of performance
problems since sorting requires the loading of the field caches?
2) Of the query parameters, q1 and q2, which one is actually doing
"text" searching on your index? It looks like q1 is doing non-string
related stuff, could this be better handled in either the bf or bq
section of the edismax config? Looking at the sample though I don't
understand how q1=apartment would hit non-string fields again (but see
3) Are the "string" fields literally of string type (i.e. no analysis
on the field) or are you saying string loosely to mean "text" field.
pf ==> phrase fields ==> given a multiple word query, will ensure that
the specified phrase exists in the specified fields separated by some
slop ("hello my world" may match "hello world" depending on this slop
value). The "qf" means that given a multi term query, each term exists
in the specified fields (name, description whatever text fields you


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 9:35 AM, Chamnap Chhorn <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using solr 3.5 with nested query on the 4 core cpu server + 17 Gb. The
> problem is that my query is so slow; the average response time is 12 secs
> against 13 millions documents.
> What I am doing is to send quoted string (q2) to string fields and
> non-quoted string (q1) to other fields and combine the result together.
> facet=true&sort=score+desc&q2=*"apartment"*&facet.mincount=1&q1=*apartment*
> &tie=0.1&q.alt=*:*&wt=json&version=2.2&rows=20&fl=uuid&facet.query=has_map:+true&facet.query=has_image:+true&facet.query=has_website:+true&start=0&q=
> *
> _query_:+"{!dismax+qf='.....'+fq='......'+v=$q1}"+OR+_query_:+"{!dismax+qf='......'+fq='.......'+v=$q2}"
> *
> &facet.field={!ex%3Ddt}sub_category_uuids&facet.field={!ex%3Ddt}location_uuid
> I have done solr optimize already, but it's still slow. Any idea how to
> improve the speed? Am I done anything wrong?
> --
> Chhorn Chamnap

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