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From Amit Nithian <>
Subject Use of Solr as primary store for search engine
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 07:54:08 GMT
Hello all,

I am curious to know how people are using Solr in conjunction with
other data stores when building search engines to power web sites (say
an ecommerce site). The question I have for the group is given an
architecture where the primary (transactional) data store is MySQL
(Oracle, PostGres whatever) with periodic indexing into Solr, when
your front end issues a search query to Solr and returns results, are
there any joins with your primary Oracle/MySQL etc to help render

Basically I guess my question is whether or not you store enough in
Solr so that when your front end renders the results page, it never
has to hit the database. The other option is that your search engine
only returns primary keys that your front end then uses to hit the DB
to fetch data to display to your end user.

With Solr 4.0 and Solr moving towards the NoSQL direction, I am
curious what people are doing and what application architectures with
Solr look like.


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