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From Savvas Andreas Moysidis <>
Subject Re: Use of Solr as primary store for search engine
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 10:34:21 GMT

We've used both approaches in the past and have concluded that Solr is
best not used as a data store. The reason for this is that as the UI
matures the team may be asked to include information which is not
searchable (therefore not indexed) so you may find yourselves adding
fields for the sole purpose of rendering convenience. This, of course,
has the consequence of you needing to re-index every time a new
non-searchable field is added and as we (painfully..) found out this
is not always an easy decision..
In addition you will have to update (or better replace) a specific
document when a non-searchable part is modified with all the "heavy"
consequences this has (commit, newSearcher etc).

So, the lesson for us was that we should be completely separating the
data storage/searching concerns and store only ids in Solr which, as
you mention, then use to retrieve the displayable information from our
After all, as it has been mentioned many times by the commiters in
this list Solr is _not_ a data store technology. :)

One use case I could see Solr being used as storage medium is when it
is not easy or practical to reconstitute the source data every time a
hit is made (e.g. if you've indexed a number of pdf documents it might
not be practical to load a pdf when a result is selected)


On 5 July 2012 06:28, Shawn Heisey <> wrote:
> On 7/4/2012 1:54 AM, Amit Nithian wrote:
>> I am curious to know how people are using Solr in conjunction with
>> other data stores when building search engines to power web sites (say
>> an ecommerce site). The question I have for the group is given an
>> architecture where the primary (transactional) data store is MySQL
>> (Oracle, PostGres whatever) with periodic indexing into Solr, when
>> your front end issues a search query to Solr and returns results, are
>> there any joins with your primary Oracle/MySQL etc to help render
>> results?
> We used to pull almost everything from our previous search engine. Shortly
> after we switched to Solr, we began deploying a new version of our website
> which pulls more from the original data source.  The current goal is to only
> store just enough data in Solr to render a search result grid (pulling
> thumbails from the filesystem), but go to the database and the filesystem
> for detail pages.  We'd like to reduce the index size to the point where the
> whole thing will fit in RAM, which we hope will also reduce the amount of
> time required for a full reindex.
> What I hope to gain out of upgrading to Solr 4: Use the NRT features so that
> we can index item popularity and purchase data fast enough to make it
> actually useful.
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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