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From "Klostermeyer, Michael" <>
Subject RE: DIH - unable to ADD individual new documents
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2012 18:55:13 GMT
Some interesting findings over the last hours, that may change the context of this discussion...

Due to the nature of the application, I need the ability to fire off individual "ADDs" on
several different entities at basically the same time.  So, I am making 2-4 Solr ADD calls
within 100ms of each other.  While troubleshooting this, I found that if I only made 1 Solr
ADD call (ignoring the other entities), it updated the index as expected.  However, when all
were fired off, proper indexing did not occur (at least on one of the entities) and no errors
were logged.  I am still attempting to figure out if ALL of the 2-4 entities failed to ADD,
or if some failed and others succeeded.

So...does this have something to do with Solr's index/message queuing (v3.5)?  How does Solr
handle these types of rapid requests, and even more important, how do I get the status of
an individual DIH call vs simply the status of the "latest" call at /dataimport?


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From: Gora Mohanty [] 
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 10:02 PM
Subject: Re: DIH - unable to ADD individual new documents

On 3 July 2012 07:54, Klostermeyer, Michael <> wrote:
> I should add that I am using the full-import command in all cases, and setting clean=false
for the individual adds.

What does the data-import page report at the end of the full-import, i.e., how many documents
were indexed?
Are there any error messages in the Solr logs? Please share with us your DIH configuration
file, and Solr schema.xml.


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