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From Michael Guymon <>
Subject Solr from scratch in 3 lines
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2012 07:20:33 GMT

Hello Solrian,

I put together a JRuby gem that will setup and run a Solr instance:

gem install solr_sail
solrsail install
solrsail start

There is a copy of the Solr config with the gem that gets extracted and 
Jar dependences are downloaded with the install step. An embedded Jetty 
server is used to run the Solr app with the start step. This is based on 
work I did with using Solr and embedded Tomcat that ran from a Jar. Solr 
in a Jar worked great, I am curious to see how stable and what the 
performance is like by running Solr over JRuby.

My rambling blog post with more details -


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