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From Andy D'Arcy Jewell <>
Subject Re: Pause and resume indexing on SolR 4 for backups
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2012 17:16:42 GMT
On 20/12/12 13:38, Upayavira wrote:
> The backup directory should just be a clone of the index files. I'm
> curious to know whether it is a cp -r or a cp -lr that the replication
> handler produces.
> You would prevent commits by telling your app not to commit. That is,
> Solr only commits when it is *told* to.
> Unless you use autocommit, in which case I guess you could monitor your
> logs for the last commit, and do your backup a 10 seconds after that.
Hmm. Strange - the files created by the backup API don't seem to 
correlate exactly with the files stored under the solr data directory:

andydj@me-solr01:~$ find /tmp/snapshot.20121220155853703/
andydj@me-solr01:~$ find /var/lib/solr/data/index/

Am I correct in thinking that to restore from this backup, I would need 
to do the following?

1. Stop Tomcat (or maybe just solr)
2. Remove all files under /var/lib/solr/data/index/
3. Move/copy files from /tmp/snapshot.20121220155853703/ to 
4. Restart Tomcat (or just solr)

Thanks everyone who's pitched in on this! Once I've got this working, 
I'll document it.

Andy D'Arcy Jewell

SysMicro Limited
Linux Support

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