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From Per Steffensen <>
Subject Re: CoreAdmin STATUS performance
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 11:22:49 GMT
On 1/10/13 10:09 AM, Shahar Davidson wrote:
> search request, the system must be aware of all available cores in order to execute distributed
search on_all_  relevant cores
For this purpose I would definitely recommend that you go "SolrCloud".

Further more we do something "ekstra":
We have several collections each containing data from a specific period 
in time - timestamp of ingoing data decides which collection it is 
indexed into. One important search-criteria for our clients are search 
on timestamp-interval. Therefore most searches can be restricted to only 
consider a subset of all our collections. Instead of having the logic 
calculating the subset of collections to search (given the timestamp 
search-interval) in clients, we just let clients do "dumb" searches by 
giving the timestamp-interval. The subset of collections to search are 
calculated on server-side from the timestamp-interval in the 
search-query. We handle this in a Solr SearchComponent which we place 
"early" in the chain of SearchComponents. Maybe you can get some 
inspiration by this approach, if it is also relevant for you.

Regards, Per Steffensen

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