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From Per Steffensen <>
Subject Forwarding authentication credentials in internal node-to-node requests
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2013 11:59:46 GMT

I read and know a lot about 
webcontainer authentication and authorization. Im sure I will be able to 
set it up so that each solr-node is will require HTTP authentication for 
(selected) incoming requests.

But solr-nodes also make requests among each other and Im in doubt if 
credentials are forwarded from the "original request" to the internal 
E.g. lets say that each solr-node is set up to require authentication 
for search request. An "outside" user makes a distributed request 
including correct username/password. Since it is a distributed search, 
the node which handles the original request from the user will have to 
make sub-requests to other solr-nodes but they also require correct 
credentials in order to accept this sub-request. Are the credentials 
from the original request duplicated to the sub-requests or what options 
do I have?
Same thing goes for e.g. update requests if they are sent to a node 
which does not run (all) the replica of the shard in which the documents 
to be added/updated/deleted belong. The node needs to make sub-request 
to other nodes, and it will require forwarding the credentials.

Does this just work out of the box, or ... ?

Regards, Per Steffensen

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