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From Mark Bennett <>
Subject Re: [ANN] vifun: tool to help visually tweak Solr boosting
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 21:52:47 GMT
Hello Xavier,

Thanks for uploading this and sharing.  I also read the other messages in the thread.

I'm able to get part way through your Getting Started section, I get results, but I get stuck
on the editing values.  I've tried with Java 6 and 7, with both the 0.5 binary and from the
source distribution.

What's working:
* Default Solr 4.1 install  (plus a couple extra fields in schema)
* Able to connect to Solr (/collection1)
* Able to select handler (/select)
* Able to run a search:
  rest: pt=45.15,-93.85 (per your example)
* Get 2 search results with titles
* Able to select a result, mouse over, highlight score, etc.

However, what I'm stuck on:
* Below the Run Query button, I only see the grayed out Scoring slider.
* The instructions say to highlight some numbers
  - I tried highlighting the 10 in rows paramour
  - I also tried the 45.15 in "rest", and some of the scores in the results list

I never see the extra parameters you show in this screen shot:
I see the word "Scoring:"
I don't see the blue text "Select a number as a target to tweak"
I don't see the parameters qf, bf_0, 1, 2, bq_0, etc.

I'm not sure how to get those extra fields to appear in the UI.

I also tried adding defType=edismax, no luck

The Handlers it sees:
	/select, /query, /browse, /spell, /tvrh, /clustering, /terms, /elevate
	(from default Solr 4.1 solrconfig.xml)
	I'm using /select

Mark Bennett / LucidWorks: Search & Big Data /
Office: 408-898-4201 / Telecommute: 408-733-0387 / Cell: 408-829-6513

On Feb 23, 2013, at 6:12 AM, jmlucjav <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have built a small tool to help me tweak some params in Solr (typically
> qf, bf in edismax). As maybe others find it useful, I am open sourcing it
> on github:
> Check github for some more info and screenshots. I include part of the
> github page below.
> regards
> Description
> Did you ever spend lots of time trying to tweak all numbers in a *edismax*
> handler *qf*, *bf*, etc params so docs get scored to your liking? Imagine
> you have the params below, is 20 the right boosting for *name* or is it too
> much? Is *population* being boosted too much versus distance? What about
> new documents?
>        <!-- fields, boost some -->
>        <str name="qf">name^20 textsuggest^10 edge^5 ngram^2 phonetic^1</str>
>        <str name="mm">33%</str>
>        <!-- boost closest hits -->
>        <str name="bf">recip(geodist(),1,500,0)</str>
>        <!-- boost by population -->
>        <str name="bf">product(log(sum(population,1)),100)</str>
>        <!-- boost newest docs -->
>        <str name="bf">recip(rord(moddate),1,1000,1000)</str>
> This tool was developed in order to help me tweak the values of boosting
> functions etc in Solr, typically when using edismax handler. If you are fed
> up of: change a number a bit, restart Solr, run the same query to see how
> documents are scored now...then this tool is for you.
> <>Features
>   - Can tweak numeric values in the following params: *qf, pf, bf, bq,
>   boost, mm* (others can be easily added) even in *<appends> or
>   <invariants>*
>   - View side by side a Baseline query result and how it changes when you
>   gradually change each value in the params
>   - Colorized values, color depends on how the document does related to
>   baseline query
>   - Tooltips give you Explain info
>   - Works on remote Solr installations
>   - Tested with Solr 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1 (other versions would work too, as
>   long as wt=javabin format is compatible)
>   - Developed using Groovy/Griffon
> <>Requirements
>   - */select* handler should be available, and not have any *<appends> or
>   <invariants>*, as it could interfere with how vifun works.
>   - Java6 is needed (maybe it runs on Java5 too). A JRE should be enough.
> <>Getting started
> <>Click
> here to download latest
> version<>
> and
> unzip
>   - Run vifun-0.4\bin\vifun.bat or vifun-04\bin\vifun if on linux/OSX
>   - Edit *Solr URL* to match yours (in Sol4.1 default is
>   http://localhost:8983/solr/collection1 for example) [image: hander
>   selection]<>
>   - *Show Handerls*, and select the handler you wish to tweak from *
>   Handerls* dropdown. The text area below shows the parameters of the
>   handler.
>   - Modify the values to run a baseline query:
>      - *q*: query string you want to use
>      - *rows*: as in Solr, don't choose a number too small, so you can see
>      more documents, I typically use 500
>      - *fl*: comma separated list of fields you want to show for each doc,
>      keep it short (other fields needed will be added, like the id, score)
>      - *rest*: in case you need to add more params, for example: sfield,
>      fq etc) [image: query
> params]<>
>   - *Run Query*. The two panels on the right will show the same result,
>   sorted by score.[image:
> results]<>
>   - Use the mouse to select the number you want to tweak in Score params
>   (select all the digits). Note the label of the field is highlighted with
>   current value. [image: target
> selection]<>
>   - Move the slider, release and see how a new query is run, and you can
>   compare how result changes with the current value. In the Current table,
>   you can see current position/score and also delta relative to the baseline.
>   The colour of the row reflects how much the doc gained/lost. [image:
>   tweaking a value]<>
>   - You can increase the limits of the slider, and if you are satisfied
>   with a value, set it, so it will be set to current value.
>   - Tweak another number...
>   - Tooltips exist in Current (Explain info) and Baseline (pos/score of
>   that doc in Current, and Explain in Score column)

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