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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Suggestions for Customizing Solr Admin Page
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2013 00:28:39 GMT

: I want to customize Solr Admin Page. I think that I will need more
: complicated things to manage my cloud. I will separate my Solr cluster into
: just indexing ones and just response ones. I will index my documents by
: categorical and I will index them at different collections.

A key design choice about the 4.x Solr Admin UI is that it is enitrely 
powered by javascript accessing machine parsable HTTP APIs under the 
covers -- so anything the Admin UI can do, you can also do in a custom UI 
by talking to Solr via HTTP and parsing the xml/json response.

If you have ideas for generic functionality that you think could benefit 
nay SolrClod user, i would suggest youu implement that functionality as a 
patch against hte existing UI, and submit it for inclusion in Solr...

...if the functionality ou have in mind is very specific to your usecases, 
you *might* find the "admin extra" include cabability suitable enough for 
adding links/buttons/info into hte existing admin pages using javascript 
to trigger (local) HTTP API calls, but if not then impelementing a 
seperate application (in whatever langauge you choose) to talk to Solr via 
HTTP would be the best bet.


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