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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr URL uses non-standard format with pound sign
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2013 16:25:04 GMT

: The Solr URL in Solr 4.2 for my localhost installation looks like this:
: http://localhost:8883/solr/#/development_shard1_replica1
: This URL when constructed dynamically in Ruby will not validate with the
: Ruby URI:HTTP class because of the # sign in the path. This is a
: non-standard URL as per RFC1738.

1) RFC 1738 is antiquated, Among other things, RFC 3986 is much relevant 
and clarifies that "#" is a fragment identifier

2) the URL you are refering to is a *UI* view, and the fragement 
(/development_shard1_replica1) is dealt with entirely by your web browser 
via javascript.

3) for dealing with solr's HTTP APIs programaticly the type of "base url" 
you want will either be "http://localhost:8883/solr/" or 
"http://localhost:8883/solr/development_shard1_replica1" depending on 
wether your client code is expecting a base url for the entire server (to 
query multiple SolrCores), or a base url for a single SolrCore.


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