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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: index operations
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 13:24:51 GMT
On 5/1/2013 2:28 AM, Mav Peri wrote:
> We are seeing a large number of commit index operations on solr4
> master/slave setup (150 to 200+ operations). 
> We don't initiate the commits manually as we are using  auto commit . I
> believe this results in search queries becoming slow/unresponsive over
> the course of a few hours  given sufficient load.
> Any ideas or suggestions?

Including basic information is the key to getting help on a mailing
list.  In this case, basic information includes:

* Your Solr configuration, especially autoCommit.
** The whole configuration is better than a snippet.
* Your evidence, such as log files.

For a very small logs or config snippets with short lines, it's OK to
include it right in your email.  If it's very large or has long lines,
you need to use another method that will preserve readability.

The mailing list doesn't accept attachments.  Some of the portals where
people read the list do accept them, but the underlying list doesn't.
For configs or logs that fit in a few dozen kilobytes, you can use a
paste website like  Most paste websites have the ability to
do syntax highlighting on formats like XML or Java, and that is a major
key to readability.  Just include the resulting URL in your email.

If the things you want to include are larger than a few dozen KB, a file
sharing site like dropbox is better, as long as getting the file doesn't
require signing up, clicking through a large number of ads, or searching
a page full of irrelevant download links for the right one.  Dropbox
does not require any of these things.

If you need to sanitize the included data to remove sensitive
information, just be sure that you do a consistent search/replace so we
can still make sense of it even though part of the information is concealed.


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