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From AJ Weber <>
Subject Re: The book: Solr 4.x Deep Dive - Early Access Release #1
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 13:32:40 GMT

On 6/21/2013 9:22 AM, Alexandre Rafalovitch wrote:
> I might be however confused regarding your strategy. I thought you
> were going to do several different volumes, rather than one large one.
> Or is this all a 'first' volume discussion so far.
> Pricing: $7.99 feels better for the book this size. Under $5 it feels
> like it may be mostly filler (even if it is not). I don't think
> anybody will pay every month just because it got updated.
I agree that I'm a little confused as to the pricing.  Are you saying 
you'll keep updating it and everyone would just d/l the latest version 
monthly?  If so, what's to stop someone from waiting to "subscribe" 
until it is entirely complete and just pay the $8 once for the whole 
thing -- versus those of us (me included) who would be sending our $8 
every month and therefore receiving the same work at 10x the price (for 

I'm with one of the previous responses:  I'd be willing to pay $30 for 
early-access (and updates) to an eBook as a one-time-cost and then when 
you release the final, set it at $40 or more.

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