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From Robert Kr├╝ger <>
Subject Is Overlapping onDeckSearchers=2 really a problem?
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 10:23:09 GMT

I have a desktop application where I am "abusing" solr as an embedded
database accessing it and I am quite happy with everything.
Performance is more than goog enough for my use case and Solr's query
capabilities match the requirements of my app quite well. However, I
have the well-known performance warnings (see subject) in the log
whenever I index a lot of documents, although I never experience any
performance problems (might be hidden, though). The properties of my
app are:

- I (soft-)commit after every indexed item because I need the changes
to be visible immediately
- The commits are serialized
- I do not have any warming queries configured

I have read the FAQ but don't see anthing that helps in my case. As I
said, I am happy with everything as it is but the warning makes me a
bit nervous (and maybe at some point my customers when their logs are
full of those warnings). What could I do to eliminate it? Can I
configure only one searcher to be used or anything like that?

Thanks for any hints,


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