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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Disable Document Id from being printed in the logs...
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 21:41:45 GMT
On 7/1/2013 3:24 PM, Niran Fajemisin wrote:
> I noticed that for Solr 4.2, when an internal call is made between two nodes Solr uses
the list of matching document ids to fetch the document details. At this time, it prints out
all matching document ids as a part of the query. Is there a way to suppress these log statements
from being created?

There's no way for Solr to distinguish between requests made by another 
Solr core and requests made by "real" clients.  Paying attention to the 
IP address where the request originated won't work either - a lot of 
Solr installations run on the same hardware as the web server or other 
application that *uses* Solr.

Debugging a problem becomes very difficult if you come up with *ANY* way 
to stop logging these requests.  That said, on newer versions the 
parameter 'distrib=false' should be included on those requests that you 
don't want to log, so an option to turn off logging of non-distributed 
requests might be a reasonable idea.  I think you'll run into some 
resistance, but as long as it doesn't default to enabled, it might be 
something that could be added.

If you are worried about performance, update the logging configuration 
so that Solr only logs at WARN, that way no requests will be logged.  If 
you then need to debug, you can change the logging to INFO using the 
admin UI, get your debugging done, and then turn it back down to WARN. 
This is the best logging approach from a performance perspective.


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