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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: zkHost in solr.xml goes missing after SPLITSHARD using Collections API
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2013 14:21:42 GMT
On 7/23/2013 7:50 AM, Alan Woodward wrote:
> Can you try upgrading to the just-released 4.4?  Solr.xml persistence had all kinds of
bugs in 4.3, which should have been fixed now.

The 4.4.0 release has been finalized and uploaded, but the download link
hasn't been changed yet because the mirror network isn't fully
synchronized yet.  It is available from many mirrors, but until the
website download links get changed, there's not yet a direct way to
access it.

Here's some generic instructions for situations where the new version is
done, but the official announcement isn't out yet:

1) Go the the Solr website (URL above) and click on the latest version
download button, which at this moment is 4.3.1.  Wait for the redirect
to take you to a mirror list.

2) Click on one of the mirrors, the best option is usually the one right
on top that the website chose for you.

3) When the file list comes up, click the "Parent Directory" link.  If
this isn't showing, it will most likely be labelled with ".." instead.

4) If a directory for the new version (in this case 4.4.0) is listed,
click on it and then click the file that you want to download.

If the new version is not listed, click the Back button on your browser
twice, then go back to step 2, but this time choose a different mirror.

One last reminder: This only works right before a release is officially
announced.  These instructions cannot be used while a release is still
in development.


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