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From Artem Karpenko <>
Subject Re: Improper shutdown of Solr in Jetty 9
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 13:58:08 GMT
After some investigation I found that the problem is not with Jetty's 
version but usage of --exec flag.
Namely, when --exec is used (to specify JVM args) then shutdown is not 
graceful, it seems that Java process that is just killed.
Not sure how to handle this...

Artem Karpenko.

29.07.2013 16:51, Artem Karpenko пишет:
> Hi,
> I can't make Solr shut down properly when using Jetty 9. Tested this
> with a simple plugin that only extends DirectUpdateHandler2, creates a
> file in constructor and deletes it in close(). While it's working fine
> in the example installation (the one that can be downloaded from Solr
> site) and in the simple custom installation with Jetty 8, it won't in
> Jetty 9. There is not much logging at shutdown at all, just Jetty's
> "closing selector" or smth., unlike with Jetty 8 where it prints various
> "Graceful shutdown" messages from Solr.
> Installation procedure I used for both Jettys is rather simple: just put
> solr.war into webapps/ directory, plugin JAR into {core}/lib/ and
> configure update handler in solrconfig.xml.
> OS is Windows 7, Solr 4.4.
> I tried to stop Jetty with both "Ctrl+C" and "java start.jar [port/key
> params] --stop". For Jetty 8 it works fine even with Ctrl+C.
> Did anybody stumble on this issue?
> Best regards,
> Artem.

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