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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Merged segment warmer Solr 4.4
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 20:41:20 GMT
: I have a slow storage machine and non sufficient RAM for the whole index to
: store all the index. This causes the first queries (~5000) to be very slow
: Secondly I thought of initiating a new searcher event listener that queries
: on docs that were inserted since the last hard commit.

the first step in a situation like this should always be to configure at 
least some autowarming on your queryResultCache and filterCache -- this 
will not only ensure that some basic warming of your index is done, but 
will also prime the caches for your newSearcher with actual queries that 
your solr instance has alreayd recieved -- using a newSearcher listener on 
top of this can be useful for garunteeing that specific sorts or facets 
are fast against each new searcher (even if they haven't been queried on 
before) but i really wouldn't worry about htat until you are certain you 
have autowarming enabled.

: A new ability of solr 4.4 (solr 4761) is to configure a mergedSegmentWarmer
: - how does this component work and is it good for my usecase?

the new mergedSegmentWarmer option is extremely low level.  it may be 
useful, but it may also be redundent if you alreayd configure autowarming 
and/or newSearcher listener to execute basic queries -- it won't help with 
things like seeding your filterCache, queryResultCache, or FieldCaches.


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