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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Boost on specific fields
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 17:02:51 GMT

: coming as part of search results. Here, I am applying boosting on the no of
: reviews and the has_image(This will be "Y" Or "N") and I am expecting the
: product which has no of reviews count is more and the has_image="Y" should
: come first. But, in some of the cases ,  I am not getting what I am
: expecting from the Solr.

*How* are you applying these boosts?  what do your query requests actually 
look like? what does the debug info for your requests show you?  what are 
the field types of these fields?  what *exactly* are you expecting, and 
how *exactly* does what you get differ from your expectations? etc...

* Sample data that you you've indexed that you think should satisfy the 
  search that's behaving unexpectedly.
* What you do expect, and why.
* Sample requests with all query params if you're not getting the results 
  you expect, especially the output you get by adding 
  echoParams=all&debugQuery=on to the URL you fire at SOLR.
* The definitions from your schema file for the relevant fields, and the 
  requestHandler configuration from your solrconfig.xml
* Any log information that looks relevant.
* Other useful information you'd need if you were trying to diagnose this 
  problem if someone else had submitted it. 


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