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From Brett Hoerner <>
Subject Problems with maxShardsPerNode in 4.5
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2013 01:14:08 GMT
It seems that changes in 4.5 collection configuration now require users to
set a maxShardsPerNode (or it defaults to 1).

Maybe this was the case before, but with the new CREATESHARD API it seems a
very restrictive. I've just created a very simple test collection on 3
machines where I set maxShardsPerNode at collection creation time to 1, and
I made 3 shards. Everything is good.

Now I want a 4th shard, it seems impossible to create because the cluster
"knows" I should only have 1 shard per node. Yet my problem doesn't require
more hardware, I just my new shard to exist on one of the existing servers.

So I try again -- I create a collection with 3 shards and set
maxShardsPerNode to 1000 (just as a silly test). Everything is good.

Now I add shard4 and it immediately tries to add 1000 replicas of shard4...

You can see my earlier email today about time-oriented data in 4.5 to see
what I'm trying to do. I was hoping to have 1 shard per hour/day with the
ability to easily add/drop them as I move the time window (say, a week of
data, 1 per day).

Am I missing something?


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