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From Stephan Schubert <>
Subject PathHierarchyTokenizerFactory storage for pivot facets
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2014 05:43:42 GMT
I want to store the levels of an path/url in seperate fields to make use
of pivot faceting. I thought about using the
PathHierarchyTokenizerFactory for that. But how can I store the several
levels of an url in seperate fields?


Doc1 - Path: a/b/c/d
Doc2 - Path: f/g/h/i

Document 1 should store the value of a in a field something like
urllevel1, b in field
urllevel2, c in urllevel 3 and so on.
The same for document 2 like f in field urllevel1, g in urllevel2  and h
in urllevel3.

Is the PathHierarchyTokenizerFactory the right approach for that? I know
the PathHierarchyTokenizerFactory splits the path up, but I don't know
how I can store the several levels in the specific fields and set it up
in the schema.xml.

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