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From Toke Eskildsen>
Subject Re: timeAllowed in not honoring
Date Fri, 02 May 2014 08:22:06 GMT
On Thu, 2014-05-01 at 23:03 +0200, Aman Tandon wrote:
> So can you explain how enum is faster than default.

The fundamental difference is than enum iterates terms and counts how
many of the documents associated to the terms are in the hits, while fc
iterates all hits and updates a counter for the term associated to the

A bit too simplified we have enum: terms->docs, fc: hits->terms. enum
wins when there are relatively few unique terms and is much less
affected by index updates than fc. As Shawn says, you are best off by

> We are planning to move to SolrCloud with the version solr 4.7.1, so does
> this 14 GB of RAM will be sufficient? or should we increase it?

Switching to SolrCloud does not change your fundamental memory
requirements for searching. The merging part adds some overhead, but
with a heap of 14GB, I would be surprised if that would require an

Consider using DocValues for facet fields with many unique values, for
getting both speed and low memory usage at the cost of increased index

- Toke Eskildsen, State and University Library, Denmark

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