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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: can't make GET request to solr in android app
Date Mon, 05 May 2014 01:25:04 GMT
On 5/4/2014 6:22 PM, blach wrote:
> I'm trying to make a small search engine based on android. when I'm calling
> solr by this 
> "http://localhost:8983/solr/collection1/select?q="+loginValue+"&wt=json&indent=true";
> (loginValue is the keywork im looking for)

Without seeing the error you're getting, we can't really help.  If there
is an error, it should be in the Solr log on the server, though it might
be in the log on the client too.

Can you use the SolrJ API in an android app instead of HttpClient?
SolrJ uses HttpClient to make connections.  I have no idea whether SolrJ
is compatible with Google's virtual machine.

NB: In order to get an android phone to talk to your Solr server, you
probably need to have it open to the Internet.  Leaving a Solr server
open to the Internet is generally a bad idea, unless you can put it
behind a proxy that recognizes and stops harmful requests.  Without a
well-programmed proxy, anyone who can reach that Solr server will be
able to harm it by deleting your index, changing your index, or sending
denial of service requests that will keep it busy.


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