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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject HDS 4.8.0_01 released - solr tomcat distro
Date Thu, 01 May 2014 16:00:52 GMT
For those Tomcat fans out there, we've released HDS 4.8.0_01,
based on Solr 4.8.0 of course.  HDS is pretty much just Apache Solr,
with the addition of a Tomcat based server.


HDS details:
- includes a pre-configured (threads, logging, connection settings,
message sizes, etc) and tested Tomcat based Solr server  in the
"server" directory
- start scripts can be run from anywhere, and allow passing JVM args
on command line (just like jetty, so it makes it easier to use)
- start scripts work around known JVM bugs
- start scripts allow setting port from command line, and default stop
port based off of http port to make it easy to run multiple servers on
a single box)
- the "server" directory has been kept clean but stuffing all of
tomcat under the "server/tc" directory

Getting started:
$ cd server
$ bin/

To start on a different port (e.g. 7574):
$ cd server
$ bin/ -Dhttp.port=7574

To shut down:
$ cd server
$ bin/ -Dhttp.port=7574

The scripts even accept -Djetty.port=7574 to make it easier to
cut-n-paste from start examples using jetty.  The "example" directory
is still there too, so you can still run the jetty based server if you

-Yonik - solve Solr GC pauses with off-heap filters
and fieldcache

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