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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Index not respecting Omit Norms
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2014 21:25:38 GMT

: As you can see from the first image, the text field-type doesn't define the
: omitNorms flag, meaning it is set to false. Also on the first image you can
: see that the description field doesn't define the omitNorms flag, again
: meaning it is set to false. (Default for omitNorms is false). This can all
: I am having some issues understanding why some results have a fieldNorm set
: to 1 for matches on the description field. As you can see from the third
: From the first picture, can anyone tell me what each row (Properties, Schema
: and Index) refers to? I think the Properties row refers to the flags set
: when defining the Field Type, which for this field is text. The Schema row
: refers to the flags set when defining the field, which is description. I'm
: not as sure where the Index row flags come from, but I'm assuming it defines
: what the index is really representing?  
: Am I right in assuming the Omit Norms flag in the Index row of the first
: picture is what is causing fieldNorm issues in the second image?  
: If I am correct in the above question, how do I fix it?

>From a quick glance at the UI JavaScript code (and the underlying 
LukeRequestHandler) I'm honestly not sure what the intended difference is 
between the "Properties" row and the "Schema" row.

I can tell you that the "Index" row represents what information about the 
field can actaully be extracted from the underlying index itself -- 
completely independently from the schema.   The fact that "Omit Norms" is 
checked in that row means that there is at least one document in your 
index that was indexed with omitNormws="true".

Most likely what happened is that you indexed a bunch of docs with 
omitNorms="true" in your schema.xml, then later changed your schema to use 
norms, but those docs are still there in the index.


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