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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: SolrCloud 4.7 not doing distributed search when querying from a load balancer.
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2014 04:05:24 GMT
On 10/15/2014 9:26 PM, S.L wrote:
> Look at the logging information I provided below , looks like the results
> are only being returned back for this solrCloud cluster  if the request
> goes to one of the two replicas of a shard.
> I have verified that numDocs in the replicas for a given shard is same but
> there is difference in the maxDoc and deletedDocs, does this signal the
> replicas being out of sync ?
> Even if the numDocs are same , how do we guarantee that those docs are
> identical and have the same uniquekeys , is there a way to verify this ? I
> am suspecting that  as the numDocs is same across the replicas , and still
> only when the request goes to one of  the  replicas of the shard that I get
> a result back , the documents with in those replicas with in a shard are
> not an exact replica set of each other.
> I suspect the issue I am facing in 4.10.1 cloud is related to
>  .
> Can anyone please let me know , how to solve this issue of intermittent no
> results for a query ?

query with no results hits these cores:
server 2 shard 3 replica1
server 3 shard 1 replica 1
server 1 shard 2 replica 1

query with 1 result hits these cores:
server 2 shard 1 replica 2
server 3 shard 2 replica 2 (found 1)
server 1 shard 3 replica 2

Here's some URLs for some testing.  They are directed at specific shard 
replicas and are specifically NOT distributed queries:*:*&fq=id:e8995da8-7d98-4010-93b4-8ff7dffb8bfb&distrib=false*:*&fq=id:e8995da8-7d98-4010-93b4-8ff7dffb8bfb&distrib=false

If you run these queries (replacing server names and the /select request 
handler as appropriate), do you get 0 results on the first one and 1 
result on the second one?  If you do, then you've definitely got 
replicas out of sync.  If you get 1 result on both queries, then 
something else is breaking.  If by chance you have taken steps to fix 
this particular ID, pick another one that you know has a problem.

There is no automated way to detect replicas out of sync.  You could 
request all docs on both replicas with distrib=false&fl=id&sort=id+asc, 
then compare the two lists.  Depending on how many docs you have, those 
queries could take a while to run.

If the replicas are out of sync, are there any ERROR entries in the Solr 
log, especially at the time that the problem docs were indexed?


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