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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: SolrCloud 4.7 not doing distributed search when querying from a load balancer.
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2014 05:41:39 GMT
On 10/15/2014 10:24 PM, S.L wrote:
> Yes , I tried those two queries with distrib=false , I get 0 results for
> first and 1 result  for the second query( (i.e. server 3 shard 2 replica
> 2)  consistently.
> However if I run the same second query (i.e. server 3 shard 2 replica 2)
> with distrib=true, I sometimes get a result and sometimes not , should'nt
> this query always return a result when its pointing to a core that seems to
> have that document regardless of distrib=true or false ?
> Unfortunately I dont see anything particular in the logs to point to any
> information.
> BTW you asked me to replace the request handler , I use the select request
> handler ,so I cannot replace it with anything else , is that  a problem ?

If you send the query with distrib=true (which is the default value in 
SolrCloud), then it treats it just as if you had sent it to 
/solr/collection instead of /solr/collection_shardN_replicaN, so it's a 
full distributed query. The distrib=false is required to turn that 
behavior off and ONLY query the index on the actual core where you sent it.

I only said to replace those things as appropriate.  Since you are using 
/select, it's no problem that you left it that way. If I were to assume 
that you used /select, but you didn't, the URLs as I wrote them might 
not have worked.

As discussed, this means that your replicas are truly out of sync.  It's 
difficult to know what caused it, especially if you can't see anything 
in the log when you indexed the missing documents.

We know you're on Solr 4.10.1.  This means that your Java is a 1.7 
version, since Java7 is required.

Here's where I ask a whole lot of questions about your setup. What is 
the precise Java version, and which vendor's Java are you using?  What 
operating system is it on?  Is everything 64-bit, or is any piece (CPU, 
OS, Java) 32-bit?  On the Solr admin UI dashboard, it lists all 
parameters used when starting Java, labelled as "Args".  Can you include 
those?  Is zookeeper external, or embedded in Solr?  Is it a 3-server 
(or more) ensemble?  Are you using the example jetty, or did you provide 
your own servlet container?

We recommend 64-bit Oracle Java, the latest 1.7 version.  OpenJDK (since 
version 1.7.x) should be pretty safe as well, but IBM's Java should be 
avoided.  IBM does very aggressive runtime optimizations.  These can 
make programs run faster, but they are known to negatively affect 


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