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From Alexandre Rafalovitch <>
Subject Re: Best way to index wordpress blogs in solr
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2014 20:44:03 GMT
I am pretty sure Swift is not Solr. That's why I was asking whether
you were starting from scratch.

As to the other items, please re-read my original response. Solr has
an example reading in RSS feeds, you could probably use that. Or a
generic XML using DataImportHandler's mapping. Or directly from
database, again with DIH.

Basically, it sounds totally doable. So, it's hard to advise anything
specific beyond "go, do it" and wait for you to come back with a lot
more specific issue once you get going. Most of the issues will be
related to your schema and your WordPress configuration, so no
abstract advice is available.


On 7 October 2014 16:36, Vishal Sharma <> wrote:
> Hey Alex,
> Thanks for the prompt response.
> Here is what I am trying to solve: I am showing search results from content
> coming from 3 different places on a single site. And, I have done that by
> pumping all this content to Solr server running on single flat schema by
> using different APIs of these platforms. Now, I need to index blog posts
> written in word press also. I was wondering if there is any solution
> already availablw which can help me crawl and pump this posst to my running
> solr instance. Otherwise I might have to write few more scripts to do that.
> BTW, Is Swift using Solr on the backend? Because I thought its a paid
> enterprise solution.

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