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From madhav bahuguna <>
Subject How to link tables based on range values solr data-config
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2014 12:23:03 GMT
Hi ,

 Business_id      Business_point
   1                    3.4
   2                    2.8
   3                    8.0

business_colors_id   business_rating_from     business_rating_to     rating
   1                         2                           5              OK
   2                         5                           10             GOOD
   3                        10                           15

I want to link the two tables based business_rating_from and
business_rating_to like

SELECT business_colors_id,business_rating_from,business_rating_to,rating
where  business_rating_from >= 2 AND business_rating_to < 5;

Now i want to index them into solr.This is how my data-config file looks

 <entity name="business_colors" query="SELECT business_colors_id,
 from business_colors where business_rating_from &gt;=
'${businessmasters.business_point}' AND
    business_rating_to &lt; '${businessmasters.business_point}'"
    deltaQuery="select business_colors_id from business_colors where
business_colors_modify >   '${dih.last_index_time}'"
 parentDeltaQuery="select business_id from businessmasters where
business_point &lt;  ${business_colors.business_rating_from} AND
business_point &gt;= ${business_colors.business_rating_from}">
    <field column="business_colors_id" name="id"/>
   <field column="business_rating_from" name="business_rating_from"
indexed="true" stored="true" />
    <field column="business_rating_to" name="business_rating_to"
indexed="true"   stored="true" />

<field column="business_text" name="business_text" indexed="true"
stored="true" />
    <field column="hex_colors" name="hex_colors" indexed="true"
stored="true" />
    <field column="rgb_colors" name="rgb_colors" indexed="true"
stored="true" />
    <field column="business_colors_modify" name="business_colors_modify"
When i click full indexing data does not get index and no error is shown.
What is wrong with this,Can any one help and advise. How do i achieve what
i want to do

I also have this question posted on stack over flow
Madhav Bahuguna

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