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From andreic9203 <>
Subject Re: Get groups which has the number of elements greater than...
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2014 10:20:23 GMT
Ok, if you have a bit of time, you can explain your last comment on this
example, please?

	"name": "Table",
	"user": "admin",
	"updateDate": "2012-12-31T15:31:16.012Z",
	"id": "svsKXRqbVhqZa-SznsU8FUII",
	"type": 1,
	"groupSignature": "5FJHzWke16auaB2hdqcIP)3a",
	"name": "Chair",
	"user": "admin",
	"updateDate": "2012-12-31T15:32:16.012Z",
	"id": "t1JLXRqbVhqZa-SzA7CiXdE2",
	"type": 1,
	"groupSignature": "5FJHzWke16auaB2hdqcIP)3b",
	"name": "Desk",
	"user": "Bob",
	"updateDate": "2012-12-31T15:33:16.012Z",
	"id": "sIYLXRqbVhqZa-Sz)yIXsZCY",
	"type": 1,
	"groupSignature": "5FJHzWke16auaB2hdqcIP)3c",
	"name": "Closet",
	"user": "Jimmy",
	"updateDate": "2012-12-31T15:34:16.012Z",
	"id": "D231Y(haaeWbS2abwjfOT2zt",
	"type": 1,
	"groupSignature": "5FJHzWke16auaB2hdqcIP)3d",

So, I want groups that are grouped after user field, which has group count
greater than 1 (not greater-equal). => should be returned just 1 group.
Another example, groups after user field and groupSignature field. Should be
groups with just 1 item (each document in one group)

What am I saying is possible?

Thank you for your explanations.

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