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From Alexandre Rafalovitch <>
Subject Q: Does anybody asks/answer Solr questions on Stack Overflow? Why?
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2014 19:03:42 GMT

This is an informal survey trying to understand the community
participation patterns.

Most of the non-interactive Solr information-gathering activity is
happening on Google/Bing/DDG/Yandex/etc. That's probably very common,
though I'd love to see Google Analytics stats from websites with large
collection of Solr articles. I'd be happy to share mine in exchange.

Most of the interactive Solr discussion activity happens on this list.
Which is great. There are real experts hanging around and popping out
of shadows when the need comes. I owe my first book's success to this
community's willingness to answer my incomprehensible questions.

But there is also Stack Overflow. Which some people ask questions at
and - even smaller number of people - answer. I answer SO questions
(2^8 as of today), but don't ask there.

But I am curious about other peoples' experiences with SO. Do you ask
questions in that forum? Do you answer? Why? How do you compare that
"support channel" with this one? Did you migrate from one to another?
Private replies are welcome, though I suspect this topic might be
interesting for public discussion too.

P.s. This is related to my next Solr book, if somebody is really
confused right now.

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