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From Michael Della Bitta <>
Subject Re: Running Multiple Solr Instances
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 12:12:49 GMT
I would do one of either:

1. Set a different Solr home for each instance. I'd use the 
-Dsolr.solr.home=/d/2 command line switch when launching Solr to do so.

2. RAID 10 the drives. If you expect the Solr instances to get uneven 
traffic, pooling the drives will allow a given Solr instance to share 
the capacity of all of them.

On 1/5/15 23:31, Nishanth S wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I  am running  multiple solr instances  (Solr 4.10.3 on tomcat 8).There are
> 3 physical machines and  I have 4 solr instances running  on each machine
> on ports  8080,8081,8082 and 8083.The set up is well up to this point.Now I
> want to point each of these instance to a different  index directories.The
> drives in the machines are mounted as d/1,d/2,d/3 ,d/4 etc.Now if I define
> /d/1 as  the solr home all solr index directories  are created in /d/1
> where as the other drives remain un used.So how do I configure solr to
>   make use of all the drives so that I can  get maximum storage for solr.I
> would really appreciate any help in this regard.
> Thanks,
> Nishanth

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