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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: AW: CoreContainer#createAndLoad, existing cores not loaded
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:18:44 GMT
On 1/29/2015 11:37 PM, Clemens Wyss DEV wrote:
>> The recommendation these days is to NOT use the embedded server
> We would love to, as it is clear that this is not the "Solr-way" to go. The reason for
us building upon EmbeddedSolrServer is, we have more than 150sites, each with ist own index
(core). If we'd go client server then we could no easily update the solr server(s) without
also updating all clients (i.e. the 150 sites) at same time. And having a dedicated Solr server
for every client/site is not really an option, is it?
> Or can for example a 4.10.3 client "talk" to a Solr 5/6 Server? Also when updating the
Solr server, doesn't that also require a re-index of all data as the Luncene-storage format
might have changed?

Cross-version compatibility between SolrJ and Solr is very high, as long
as you're not running SolrCloud.  SolrCloud is *incredibly* awesome, but
it's not for everyone.

Without SolrCloud, the communication is http only, using very stable
APIs that have been around since pretty much the beginning of Solr.  In
the 1.x and 3.x days, there were occasional code tweaks required for
cross-version compatibility, but the API has been extremely stable since
early 4.x -- for a couple of years now.

SolrCloud is much more recent and far more complex, so problems or
deficiencies are sometimes found with the API.  Fixing those bugs
sometimes requires changes that are incompatible with other versions of
the Java client.  The SolrJ java client is an integral part of Solr
itself, so SolrCloud functionality in the client is tightly coupled to
specifics in the API that are undergoing rapid change from version to

I don't think that SolrCloud is even possible with the embedded server,
because it requires HTTP for inter-server communication.  The embedded
server doesn't listen for HTTP.


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