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From Rafał Kuć <>
Subject Re: Solr Cloud Stress Test
Date Sat, 17 Jan 2015 08:34:36 GMT

You'll need a data set that you can index. This is quite simple - if
you don't know what data you want to index or you don't have test
data, just take Wikipedia dump and index it using Data Import Handler.
You can find the example on using Wikipedia dump with DIH on
On the other hand you can also extract documents with a simple code
and use tool like JMeter to prepare indexing stress test to see how
far you can push your SolrCloud deplouyment when it comes to indexing.

You will also need queries, so that you can run queries performance
tests. You can build some example queries using common phrases found
in Wikipedia - however I'm not sure if there is something already
extracted, you will either have to extract them yourself or use common
English phrases. You take that list of phrases (it would be nice to
have a lot of them, so they don't repeat) and run them against Solr.
Again you can use a tool like JMeter, create a test plan and run a
tests with different number of threads until you find a point where
Solr just can't handle more. 

 Rafał Kuć
Performance Monitoring * Log Analytics * Search Analytics
Solr & Elasticsearch Support *

> Hi,

>    I am a student, planning to learn and do a features and functionality
> test of solr-cloud as one of my project. I liked to do the stress and
> performance test of solr-cloud on my local machine.  (machine of 16gb ram,
> 250 gb ssd and 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7).  Multiple features of cloud. What is
> the recommended way to get started with it?

> Thanks.
> David

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