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From <>
Subject RE: PDF search functionality using Solr Schema.xml and SolrConfig.xml question
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 19:40:10 GMT
Still looking for answer on Schema.xml and SolrConfig.xml

1.       Do I need to tell Solr, to extract Title from PDF, go look for Title word and extract
entire line after the Tag and collect all such occurrence’s from hundreds of PDFs and build
the Title column data and index it?

2.       How to define my own schema to Solr

3.       Say I defined my fields Title, Ticket_number, Submitter, client and so on, How can
I verify respective data is extracted in specific columns in Solr and indexed? Any suggestion
on how the Analyzer, Tokenizer and Filter and which one will help for this purpose?

1.       I do not want to dump entire 4 GB PDF contents in one searchable field (ATTR_CONTENT)
in Solr

2.       Even if entire PDF contents is extracted in above field as a default, I still want
to extract specific searchable column data in their respective fields

3.       Rather I want to configure Solr to have column wise searchable contents such as Title,
number, and so on

Any suggestions on performance? PDF database is 80 GB, will it be fast enough? Do I Need to
divide in multiple cores and on multiple machines ? and on multiple web apps? And clustering?

I should have mentioned my PDFs are from Ticketing system like Jira which is already retired
way back from production and all I have is the Ticketing system PDF database.

4.       My system will be used internally just by the selected number of very few people.

5.       They can wait 4 GB PDF to get loaded.

6.       I agree there will be many matches will be found in one large PDF, based on search

7.       To make searches faster I want Solr to create more columns and column based indexes

8.       Solr underneath uses Tika which is extracting contents and getting rid of all the
rich content formatting characters present in the PDF document.

9.       I believe resulting extraction size is 1/5th of the original PDF ..just a random
guess based on one sample extraction

From: "Jürgen Wagner (DVT)" []
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2015 11:56 AM
Subject: Re: PDF search functionality using Solr

  no matter which search platform you will use, this will pose two challenges:

- The size of the documents will render search less and less useful as the likelihood of matches
increases with document size. So, without a proper semantic extraction (e.g., using decent
NER or relationship extraction with a commercial text mining product), I doubt you will get
the required precision to make this overly usefiul.

- PDFs can have their own character sets based on the characters actually used. Such file-specific
character sets are almost impossible to parse, i.e., if your PDFs happen to use this "feature"
of the PDF format, you won't be lucky getting any meaningful text out of them.

My suggestion is to use the Jira REST API to collect all necessary documents and index the
resulting XML or attachment formats. As the REST API provides filtering capabilities, you
could easily create incremental feeds to avoid humongous indexing every time there's new information
in Jira. Dumping Jira stuff as PDF seems to me to be the least suitable way of handling this.

Best regards,

On 06.01.2015 18:30,<> wrote:

Hello Solr-users and developers,

Can you please suggest,

1.       What I should do to index PDF content information column wise?

2.       Do I need to extract the contents using one of the Analyzer, Tokenize and Filter
combination and then add it to Index? How can test the results on command prompt? I do not
know the selection of specific Analyzer, Tokenizer and Filter for this purpose

3.       How can I verify that the needed column info is extracted out of PDF and is indexed?

4.       So for example How to verify Ticket number is extracted in Ticket_number tag and
is indexed?

5.       Is it ok to post 4 GB worth of PDF to be imported and indexed by Solr? I think I
saw some posts complaining on how large size that can be posted ?

6.       What will enable Solr to search in any PDF out of many, with different words such
as "Runtime" "Error" "XXXX" and result will provide the link to the PDF

My PDFs are nothing but Jira ticket system.

PDF has info on

Ticket Number:





And so on:

1.       I imported PDF document in Solr and it does the necessary searching and I can test
some of it using the browse client interface provided.

2.       I have 80 GB worth of PDFs.

3.       Total number of PDFs are about 200

4.       Many PDFs are of size 4 GB

5.       What do you suggest me to import such a large PDFs? What tools can you suggest to
extract PDF contents first in some XML format and later Post that XML to be indexed by Solr.?

Your early response is much appreciated.




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