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From Lindsay Martin <>
Subject Re: Unexplained leader initiated recovery after updates - SolrCmdDistributor no longer retries on RemoteSolrException
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2015 19:29:01 GMT
We are experiencing unexpected recovery events when a leader is sending
updates to a replica. A " Connection reset² is
encountered when updating the replica which triggers the recovery.

In our previous Solr 4.6.1 installation, update errors triggered retry
logic in the SolrCmdDistributor and the updates continued without
triggering a leader initialized recovery.

In our current 4.10.2 installation, this retry logic no longer occurs.

It looks like the fix for
removed this retry logic. See
 . This change was introduced with Solr 4.7.

The commit to remove the retry logic appears to have been removed when
investigating an unstable test. I am wondering if the retry logic should
be restored for production use.

Should I open a ticket to restore the retry logic?



On 2015-01-12, 5:36 PM, "Lindsay Martin" <> wrote:

>I have uncovered some additional details in the shard leader log:
>2015-01-11 09:38:00.693 [qtp268575911-3617101] INFO
>org.apache.solr.update.processor.LogUpdateProcessor  ­ [listings]
>webapp=/solr path=/update
>pdate.distrib=TOLEADER&wt=javabin&version=2} {add=[14065572860
>(1490024273004199936)]} 0 707
>2015-01-11 09:38:00.913 [updateExecutor-1-thread-35734] ERROR
>org.apache.solr.update.StreamingSolrServers  ­ error
> Connection reset

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