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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Distributed mode for stats component?
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2015 17:26:10 GMT

: Does anybody know for sure whether the stats component fully supports
: distributed mode? It is listed in the doc as supporting distributed mode

it's been supported for as long as i can remember -- since Day 1 of the 
StatsComponent i believe.

: (at least for old, non-SolrCloud distrib mode), but... I don't see any code
: that actually does that. Nor any tests, unless they are hidden somewhere I
: didn't look.

just like any other SearchComponent: look at StatsComponent.prepare, 
StatsComponent.process, ...distributedProcess, ....modifyRequest, 
...handleResponses, ...finishStage, etc...

: In particular, I am interested in the "countdistinct" parameter which would
: need to retrieve all distinct values from all other shards to detect
: whether any of the distinct values overlap between shards.

yep -- that's exactly what it does ... totally naive and not a good idea 
at all for fields with non-trivial cardinality, which is why you have to 
explicitly turn it on with "calcDistinct" and why i wnat to replace it 
with HyperLogLog approximations...


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