Thanks a lot Otis,

While reading the SolrCloud documentation to understand how SolrCloud could run on HDFS, I got confused with leader, replica, "non-replica" shards, core, index, and collections.

Once it is specified that one cannot add shards, then that one can add replica-only shards, then that last "Shard Splitting" paragraph states that something changed starting with Solr 4.3.

But it doesn't states that splitting shards can end in a new non-replica shard, in a just added node, thus increasing the amount of storage available to the index / collection. It states that "split action effectively makes two copies of the data as new shards" instead, which tastes a lot like replica style shards.

So does it?

Could there be some sort of tutorial describing how to add available storage capacity for index / collection, thus adding a node / shard - core that one can send new documents to be indexed? (of course, load-balancing would be trigered, so it looks like documents would be added to shards out of a set of nodes).


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On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 12:52 PM, Otis Gospodnetic <> wrote:

> Hi Charles,
> See and
> Otis
> --
> Monitoring * Alerting * Anomaly Detection * Centralized Log Management
> Solr & Elasticsearch Support *
> On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 11:02 AM, Charles VALLEE <>
> wrote:
>> I am considering using *Solr* to extend *Hortonworks Data Platform*
>> capabilities to search.
>> - I found tutorials to index documents into a Solr instance from *HDFS*,
>> but I guess this solution would require a Solr cluster distinct to the
>> Hadoop cluster. Is it possible to have a Solr integrated into the Hadoop
>> cluster instead? - *With the index stored in HDFS?*
>> - Where would the processing take place (could it be handed down to
>> Hadoop)? Is there a way to garantee a level of service (CPU, RAM) - to
>> integrate with *Yarn*?
>> - What about *SolrCloud*: what does it bring regarding Hadoop based
>> use-cases? Does it stand for a Solr-only cluster?
>> - Well, if that could lead to something working with a roles-based
>> authorization-compliant *Banana*, it would be Christmass again!
>> Thanks a lot for any help!
>> Charles

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