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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: How to start solr in solr cloud mode using external zookeeper ?
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 14:39:41 GMT
On 3/3/2015 4:21 AM, Aman Tandon wrote:
> I am new to solr-cloud, i have connected the zookeepers located on 3 remote
> servers. All the configs are uploaded and linked successfully.
> Now i am stuck to how to start solr in cloud mode using these external
> zookeeper which are remotely located.
> Zookeeper is installed at 3 servers and using the 2181 as client port. ON
> all three server, solr server along with external zookeeper is present.
> (solr + zookeper is present)
> Now i have to start the solr by telling the solr to use the external
> zookeeper. So how should I do that.

You simply tell Solr about all your zookeeper servers on startup, using
the zkHost property.  Here's the format of that property:


The /solr1 part (the ZK chroot) is optional, but I recommend it ... it
can be just about any text you like, starting with a forward slash.
What this does is put all of SolrCloud's information inside a path in
zookeeper, sort of like a filesystem.  With no chroot, that information
is placed at the "root" of zookeeper.  If you want to use a zookeeper
ensemble for multiple applications, you're going to need a chroot.  Even
when multiple applications are not required, I recommend it to keep the
zookeeper root clean.

You can see some examples of zkHost values in the javadoc for SolrJ:


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