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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: SolrCloud: Chroot error
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2015 15:52:10 GMT
On 3/9/2015 9:19 AM, Aman Tandon wrote:
> I tried to start solr with chroot feature, i am using solr 5.0.0 on Centos
> 6 and i am getting this error in the logs. Please help.
> *./solr start -c -z localhost:2181,
> <>,
> <> -p 4567*
> *ERROR - 2015-03-09 12:38:03.394;
> org.apache.solr.servlet.SolrDispatchFilter;*
> * Could not start Solr. Check solr/home property and the logs*
> *ERROR - 2015-03-09 12:38:03.416; org.apache.solr.common.SolrException;
> null:*
> * A chroot was specified in
> Z*
> *kHost but the znode doesn't exist.

As Anshum mentioned, it appears that the chroot you have specified
doesn't exist.

Note that this is a path within the zookeeper database ... you appear to
have listed a filesystem path, which is NOT the same thing.  Typically a
chroot on zookeeper should be very simple, normally consisting of one
forward slash followed by a short string, like "/solr1" or "/mysolr" or

As for why it simply didn't create the path, I wonder if perhaps
zookeeper (or the client code within Solr) is not capable of creating a
multi-level path.  You could try starting it four times, to see if it
will create one path level on each run.  I know from prior experience
with SolrCloud on version 4.2.1 that a chroot with a single path element
will work.

Your mail client appears to have turned the text of your zkHost
parameter into URLs, which makes it difficult to see what you are
actually using.  Can you make your reply plaintext and include it again
so that doesn't happen?


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