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From Damien Dykman <>
Subject Solr 5.0.0 - Multiple instances sharing Solr server *read-only* dir
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2015 23:59:25 GMT
Hi all,

Quoted from

"When running multiple instances of Solr on the same host, it is more
common to use the same server directory for each instance and use a
unique Solr home directory using the -s option."

Is there a way to achieve this without making *any* changes to the
extracted content of solr-5.0.0.tgz and only use runtime parameters? I
other words, make the extracted folder solr-5.0.0 strictly read-only?

By default, the Solr web app is deployed under server/solr-webapp, as
per solr-jetty-context.xml. So unless I change solr-jetty-context.xml, I
cannot make folder sorl-5.0.0 read-only to my Solr instances.

I've figured out how to make the log files and pid file to be located
under the Solr data dir by doing:

export SOLR_PID_DIR=mySolrDataDir/logs; \
export SOLR_LOGS_DIR=mySolrDataDir/logs; \
bin/solr start -c -z localhost:32101/solr \
     -s mySolrDataDir \
     -a "-Dsolr.log=mySolrDataDir/logs" \
     -p 31100 -h localhost

But if there was a way to not have to change solr-jetty-context.xml that
would be awesome! Thoughts?


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