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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: New To Solr, getting error using the quick start guide
Date Sat, 28 Mar 2015 17:28:58 GMT
On 3/27/2015 8:00 PM, Will ferrer wrote:
> I am new to solr and trying to run through the quick start guide (
> The installation seems fine but then I run:
> bin/solr start -e cloud -noprompt

You are starting the cloud example with no prompts.

> http://localhost:8983/solr/#/ shows data in my web browser, but the cloud
> tab is empty under graph.
> Any advice any one give me to get me started here with the product would be
> very appreciated.

The console log that you included with your message said nothing about
creating the gettingstarted collection, but when I try the command you
used on the following setups, it creates the collection every time:

*) Linux, from the tags/lucene_solr_5_0_0 source.
*) Windows 8.1, from the binary 5.0.0 download.
*) Linux, from the branch_5x source.

Here's my console log from the first item above - Solr built from the
tags/lucene_solr_5_0_0 source:


elyograg@sauron:~/asf/lucene_solr_5_0_0/solr$ bin/solr -e cloud -noprompt

Welcome to the SolrCloud example!

Starting up 2 Solr nodes for your example SolrCloud cluster.
Creating Solr home directory
Cloning Solr home directory
/home/elyograg/asf/lucene_solr_5_0_0/solr/example/cloud/node1 into

Starting up SolrCloud node1 on port 8983 using command:

solr start -cloud -s example/cloud/node1/solr -p 8983

Waiting to see Solr listening on port 8983 [/]
Started Solr server on port 8983 (pid=13260). Happy searching!

Starting node2 on port 7574 using command:

solr start -cloud -s example/cloud/node2/solr -p 7574 -z localhost:9983

Waiting to see Solr listening on port 7574 [/]
Started Solr server on port 7574 (pid=13419). Happy searching!

  Connecting to ZooKeeper at localhost:9983
for config gettingstarted to ZooKeeper at localhost:9983

Creating new collection 'gettingstarted' using command:


SolrCloud example running, please visit http://localhost:8983/solr



I don't know why it's not creating the collection for you, unless maybe
you are running a different version built from older source code or


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