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From Gulliver Smith <>
Subject solr5 - where does solr5 look for schema files?
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2015 00:58:26 GMT
I am running the out-of-the-box solr5 as instructed in the tutorial.

The solr documentation has no useful documentation about the shema
file argument to create core.

I have a schema.xml that I was using for a solr 4 installation by
manually editing the core directories as root.

When playing with solr5, I have tried a number of things without success.

a) copied my custom schema.xml to
    - when I typed custom_schema.xml into the "schema:" field in the
create core dialog, a core is created but the new schema isn't used.
Making cusom_schema.xml into invalid XML doesn't break anything.

b) put custom_schema.xml in an accessible location on my server and
entered the full path into the schema field - in this case I got an
error message "Error CREATEing SolrCore 'xxx': Unable to create core
... Invalid path string

There is no "configs" directory in the solr installaition.There is no
"gettingstarted" directory either, though there are
gettingstarted_shard1_replica1 etc. directories.

The only meaningful schema.xml seems to be

The cores are created in example/cloud/node*/solr

There is no directory structure in the installation matching that
described in the 500 page pdf.The files screen in the admin console
does not mention schema.xml and there doesn't seem to be any place
namimg or showing schema.xml in the admin interface.

So how in the world is one to install a custom schema?


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