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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: How to create a core by API?
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2015 16:56:26 GMT
Ok, you're being confused by cloud, non cloud and all that kinda stuff....

Configsets are SolrCloud only, so forget them since you specified it's
not SolrCloud.

bq: surely the HTTP API doesn't require the caller to create a
directory and copy files first, does it

In fact, yes. The thing to remember here is that you're using a much
older approach that had its roots in the pre-cloud days. The problem
is how do you insure that the configurations are on the node you're
creating the core on? The whole configsets discussion is an attempt to
solve that in SolrCloud by putting the configs in a place any Solr
instance can find them, namely Zookeeper.

But in non-cloud, there's no central repository. You could be firing
the query from node X and creating the core on node Y. So Solr expects
the config files to already be in place; you have to manually copy
them to node Y anyway, why not copy them to the place they'll be

The scripts make an assumption that you're running on the same node
you're running the scripts for quick-start purposes.


On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 9:24 AM, Mark E. Haase <> wrote:
> I can't get the Core Admin API to work. I have a brand new installation of
> Solr 5.0.0 (in non-cloud mode). I installed using the installation script
> (a nice addition!) with default options, so I have Solr in /opt/solr and
> its data in /var/solr.
> Here's what I'm trying:
>     curl 'http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/cores?action=CREATE&name=new_core
> '
> But I get this error:
>     Error CREATEing SolrCore 'new_core': Unable to create core [new_core]
> Caused by: Can't find resource 'solrconfig.xml' in classpath or
> '/var/solr/data/new_core/conf'
> Solr isn't even creating /var/solr/data/new_core, which I guess is the root
> of the problem. But /var/solr is owned by the solr user and I can do `sudo
> -u solr mkdir /var/solr/data/new_core` just fine. So why isn't Solr making
> this directory?
> I see that 'instanceDir' is required, but I don't get an error message if I
> *don't* use it, so I'm not sure how required it actually is. I'm also not
> sure if its supposed to be a full path or a relative path or what, so here
> are a couple of other guesses at the correct incantation:
>     curl '
> http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/cores?action=CREATE&name=new_core&instanceDir=new_core
> '
>     curl '
> http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/cores?action=CREATE&name=new_core&instanceDir=/var/solr/data/new_core
> '
> These both return the same error message as my first try, so no dice...
> FWIW, I get the same error message even if I try doing this with the Solr
> Admin GUI so I'm really puzzled. Is the GUI supposed to work?
> I found a thread on Stack Overflow about this same problem (
> that suggests using configSet.
> Okay, the installer put some configs sets in
> /opt/solr/server /opt/solr/server/solr/configsets, and the 'basic_config'
> config set has a solrconfig.xml in it, so maybe that would solve my
> solrconfig.xml error?
> If I compare the HTTP API to the `solr create -c foo` script, it appears
> that the script creates the instance directory and copies in conf files *before
> *it calls the HTTP API... surely the HTTP API doesn't require the caller to
> create a directory and copy files first, does it?
> --
> Mark E. Haase

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