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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: CloudSolrServer : Could not find collection : gettingstarted
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2015 20:37:25 GMT

: Chris,
: Please find attached Dump

nothing jumps out at me as looking odd, but i'm not the expert on this 
stuff either -- hopefully someone else can take a look.

can you provide us with some more detials on what exactly you've done?  
you said ...

: > : What steps did you follow to create the collection in SolrCloud? It's
: > : possible you have the wrong ZK root somehow I suppose.
: > : [Adnan] - I followed the steps from reference guide -
: > :
: >
: > :
: >

...but can you be more explicit please?  how exactly did you start up your 
solr nodes?  what exact commands did you run?

my best guess: maybe you've specified a chroot on your zk server when 
running Solr, but maybe you don't have that same chroot path when 
constructing the client?  knowing exactly how you started the solr 
processes would help (and/or: what "-DzkHost" option do you see in the 
"JVM" "Args" section of the "Dashboard" screen in the Solr UI; and/or 
what command line args do you specify when running zkcli to see the 


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