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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: "Taking Solr 5.0 to Production" on Windows
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 15:23:12 GMT
On 4/2/2015 8:20 AM, Steven White wrote:
> I'm reading "Taking Solr 5.0 to Production"
> but I cannot find anything about Windows, is there some other link I'm
> missing?
> This section in the doc is an important part for a successful Solr
> deployment, but it is missing Windows instructions.  Without one, there
> will either be scattered deployment or Windows folks (like me) will miss
> out on some key aspects that Solr expert know.

We are aware that the documentation is missing step-by-step information
for Windows.  We are all volunteers, and there's a limited amount of
free time available.  The hole in the documentation will eventually get
filled, but it's not going to happen immediately.  The available
solutions must be studied so the best option can be determined, and it
probably will require some development work to automate the install.

You might get the sense that Windows is treated as a second class
citizen around here ... and I think you'd probably be right to feel that
way.  There are no technical advantages in a Windows server over the
free operating systems like Linux.  The biggest disadvantage is in
Microsoft's licensing model.  A Windows Server OS has a hefty price tag,
and client operating systems like Windows 7 and 8 are intentionally
crippled by Microsoft so they run heavy-duty server programs poorly, in
order to sell more Server licenses.  If a Solr install is not very busy,
Windows 7 or 8 would probably run it just fine, but a very busy install
will run into problems if it's on a client OS.  Unfortunately I cannot
find any concrete information about the precise limitations in client
operating systems.


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