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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Delete document stop my solr 5.0 ?!
Date Mon, 04 May 2015 15:03:28 GMT
On 5/4/2015 8:38 AM, Bruno Mannina wrote:
> ok I have this OOM error in the log file ...
> #
> # java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
> # -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError="/home/solr/solr-5.0.0/bin/
> 8983/home/solr/solr-5.0.0/server/logs"
> #   Executing /bin/sh -c "/home/solr/solr-5.0.0/bin/
> 8983/home/solr/solr-5.0.0/server/logs"...
> Running OOM killer script for process 28233 for Solr on port 8983

Out Of Memory errors are a completely different problem.  Solr behavior
is completely unpredictable after an OutOfMemoryError exception, so the
5.0 install includes a script to run on OOME that kills Solr.  It's the
only safe way to handle that problem.

Your Solr install is not being given enough Java heap memory for what it
is being asked to do.  You need to increase the heap size for Solr.  If
you look at the admin UI for Solr in a web browser, you can see what the
max heap is set to ... on a default 5.0 install running Solr with
"bin/solr" the max heap will be 512m ... which is VERY small.  Try using
bin/solr with the -m option, set to something like 2g (for 2 gigabytes
of heap).


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