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From Bruno Mannina <>
Subject Re: Solr 5.0 - uniqueKey case insensitive ?
Date Mon, 04 May 2015 23:19:05 GMT
Hello Chris,

yes I confirm on my SOLR3.6 it works fine since several years, and each 
doc added with same code is updated not added.

To be more clear, I receive docs with a field name "pn" and it's the 
uniqueKey, and it always in uppercase

so I must define in my schema.xml

     <field name="id" type="string" multiValued="false" indexed="true" 
required="true" stored="true"/>
     <field name="pn" type="text_general" multiValued="true" 
indexed="true" stored="false"/>
   <copyField source="id" dest="pn"/>

but the application that use solr already exists so it requests with pn 
field not id, i cannot change that.
and in each docs I receive, there is not id field, just pn field, and  i 
cannot also change that.

so there is a problem no ? I must import a id field and request a pn 
field, but I have a pn field only for import...

Le 05/05/2015 01:00, Chris Hostetter a écrit :
> : On SOLR3.6, I defined a string_ci field like this:
> :
> : <fieldType name="string_ci" class="solr.TextField"
> : sortMissingLast="true" omitNorms="true">
> :     <analyzer>
> :       <tokenizer class="solr.KeywordTokenizerFactory"/>
> :       <filter class="solr.LowerCaseFilterFactory"/>
> :     </analyzer>
> :     </fieldType>
> :
> : <field name="pn" type="string_ci" multiValued="false" indexed="true"
> : required="true" stored="true"/>
> I'm really suprised that field would have worked for you (reliably) as a
> uniqueKey field even in Solr 3.6.
> the best practice for something like what you describe has always (going
> back to Solr 1.x) been to use a copyField to create a case insensitive
> copy of your uniqueKey for searching.
> if, for some reason, you really want case insensitve *updates* (so a doc
> with id "foo" overwrites a doc with id "FOO" then the only reliable way to
> make something like that work is to do the lowercassing in an
> UpdateProcessor to ensure it happens *before* the docs are distributed to
> the correct shard, and so the correct existing doc is overwritten (even if
> you aren't using solr cloud)
> -Hoss

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