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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Performance testing on SOLR cloud
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 02:07:19 GMT
I wouldn't bother to shard either. YMMV of course, but 2.2M documents
is actually a pretty small number unless the docs themselves are huge.
Sharding introduces inevitable overhead, so it's usually the last
thing you resort to.

As far as the number of replicas is concerned, that's strictly a
function of what QPS you need. Let's say you do not shard and have a
query rate of 20 queries-per-second. If you need to support 100 QPS,
just add 4 more replicas, this can be done any time.


On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 3:38 PM, Markus Jelsma
<> wrote:
> Hi - we use the Siege load testing program. It can take a seed list of URL's, taken from
actual user input, and can put load in parallel. It won't reuse common queries unless you
prepare your seed list appropriately. If your setup achieves the goal your client anticipates,
then you are fine. Siege is not a good tool to test extreme QPS due to obvious single machine
and network limitations.
> Assuming your JVM heap settings and Solr cache settings are optimal, and your only question
is how many shards, then increase the number of shards. Oversharding can be beneficial because
more threads process less data. Every single core search is single threaded, so oversharding
on the same hardware makes sense, and it seems to pay off.
> Make sure you run multiple long stress tests and restart JVM's in between because a)
query times and load tend to regress to the mean and b) because HotSpot needs to 'warm up'
so short tests make less sense.
> M.
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>> From:Aswath Srinivasan (TMS) <>
>> Sent: Tuesday 17th November 2015 23:46
>> To:
>> Subject: Performance testing on SOLR cloud
>> Hi fellow developers,
>> Please share your experience, on how you did performance testing on SOLR? What I'm
trying to do is have SOLR cloud on 3 Linux servers with 16 GB RAM and index a total of 2.2
million. Yet to decide how many shards and replicas to have (Any hint on this is welcome too,
basically 'only' performance testing, so suggest the number of shards and replicas if you
can). Ultimately, I'm trying to find the QPS that this SOLR cloud set up can handle.
>> To summarize,
>> 1.   Find the QPS that my solr cloud set up can support
>> 2.   Using 5.3.1 version with external zookeeper
>> 3.   3 Linux servers with 16 GB RAM and index a total of 2.2 million documents
>> 4.   Yet to decide number of shards and replicas
>> 5.   Not using any custom search application (performance testing for SOLR and not
for Search portal)
>> Thank you

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